Том, 3700 графтов

I am now at the 4th day after the 3700 grafts FUE transplantation in Antalya

I am now at the 4th day after the 3700 grafts FUE transplantation in Memorial Antalya, Turkey. I found review of this hospital doing hair transplantations in very attractive price on some forums about balding. I contacted Dr. Alex at fuetur.ru, who responded immediately that I can have hair transplantation knowing my conditions.

I came to Antalya, the driver with the Memorial car (white FIAT DOBLO) was waiting for me with my name on the sheet of paper. When we reached the hospital (very modern building) I had to fill some papers about hospitalization and I was put in nice clean room with TV, Wi-Fi internet and clean bathroom. I got diner and rested for the rest of the day.

Next day doctors came in the morning to propose mi the hairline. I chose on of the options. Then I was taken to shave my head and after that I was taken to the high standard operation room. The procedure was divided into two parts. At first part one of the surgeon (I think it was Birgul) gave me local anesthesia (not much pain with these injections) and started to extract the grafts. After extracting the grafts I got local anesthesia (injections) on the top of my head where the grafts were to be implanted. I felt little sick then, but I got immediate help from the doctors and assistants. Then I was taken on the wheelchair to my room to rest and have a dinner

After 30 minutes I was taken again to the operation room and surgeons started to implant my grafts. I felt no pain, although sometimes the sitting position was not comfortable, but I could make it. Doctors were asking me if I feel pain, if I'm ok. Second part lasted about 5,5 hours. Sometimes I was just sleepy and didn't think about it all. At the end the doctors were singing Turkish songs :-)

At 18:30 I was taken to my room and given painkiller and antibiotic. First night was little painful, second was less painful after that I had no problem to sleep. I had little just little swelling on the bottom on my forehead on the 3rd day, but it's almost gone.

Thank You Dr Birgul, Dr Seringere, Dr Svetlana, Dr Teoman, Dr. Alex and Maria and Gamze and anyone for being in contact all the time. You are all great. You cared about me every minute of my stay.

In Turkish:
Teşekkür ederim Birgül, Seringere, Svetlana, Teoman, Alex, Maria ve Gamze ve herkes olmak için her zaman bağlantı kurun. Bütün büyük. Sen benim hakkımda kaldığım her dakika umursamadım.

This was great and I hope to show my new hair after it grows.

Tom, Poland


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